press play: niki and the dove

Josè Gonzàlez, Lykke Li, Jens Lekman, The Radio Dept., Air France, El Perro Del Mar. What do these all-time favorites have in common? They're all from Sweden. I'm guessing there's something in the water they're drinking because I seriously can't come up with a better reason as to why the music that comes out of Sweden is so freakin' good. A friend of mine posted the link to the above video on Facebook, I listened to it once and instantly got goosebumps. Not lying. I'm a sucker for anything with an 80's sound and Niki and the Dove has exactly that. Reminded me of Kate Bush's 'Running Up that Hill'. Ah, it's music like this that gets me excited about music. Sounds funny, but it's true. It's good to know there are still groups holding on to those electronic sounds that melt so perfectly with great vocals. I'm definitely excited to see where Niki and the Dove go from here!


guess what?

It's true! We've been holding on to this little secret of ours for the right time, and it is SO the right time to announce that Andres and I will be packing up and leaving the lovely foggy San Francisco and trading it in for the sunny sun sun of Los Angeles! Are we sad? Yes, a little. San Francisco has been our home for eleven years now (that's a long time!). There are so many memories in this city. So many friends we've made. Memorable tiny spaces that we've lived in. Awesome roommates we've had. Graduating college together! Restaurants galore! I can go on. Since I was a wee little one I knew I wanted to live in San Francisco. It lured me in with it's beautiful parks, cute neighborhoods, rolling fog, easy to use (but many times late) public transportation and culture. 

I'm not going to lie. As I type this, I'm beginning to tear up. San Francisco is the city that made me who I am today. It's the city where my husband and I fell in love and became inspired to be the awesome creative people that we are. It took us eleven years, but we've finally gathered an idea of what we want our near future to look like. We see a whole new adventure ahead of us and we can't wait to see what we make of it! Family is a huge part of our lives and with our families being in San Diego we couldn't see ourselves moving farther away from them. We've got little kiddos on the mind (in time...) and can't imagine not having such a huge support system close to us. We're looking forward to new jobs, a cute new LA apartment, SUN, driving, exploring an entirely new city, SUN, wearing a bathing suit during the summer (that's just crazy talk in SF), getting our grub on at every restaurant in every part of the city, SUN, picnics at the beach, being super close to Palm Springs, SUN, and of course a trip to Disneyland to celebrate!

So when is this all going down you ask? This is where the crazy adventure starts. In 25 days we're packing up a big ol' truck and driving to our new city. Eeeek! Do we have a place to live yet? Nope. Do we have jobs set up? We're looking! Have we started packing? Nope (but we did get some boxes!). Yes, we're a bit crazy. But you know, sometimes you just have to take the jump, right? If there are any LA readers out there, we'd love any advice on areas that you think are the best to live. Right now we're looking at Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Any tips are greatly appreciated! 

Yay! The secret is out!

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roadtripping done right

Heather-Lynn Aquino is a Designer & Illustrator. The kind that makes me happy. I've watched this short animation over and over and find myself loving it more. It's nostalgic in so many ways, reminds me how great roadtrips are, can't help but ADORE all the typography flying across the screen and obsess over the song playing in the background! (It sounds like it could be Bibio. I'll try and contact her to find out exactly). This video just made my day and hopefully will do the same for you. Happy weekending! Oh...I've got some news to share come Monday. It's going to be full of juicy goodness. I swear.  


oldies, hip hop, books and a little walk


The weather in San Francisco has been quite lovely lately so to take advantage of a few free hours yesterday I took a little walk to Green Apple Books. *If you're ever visiting San Francisco and are a book lover (hope you are!), this is a place you most definitely need to stop at. You won't walk out empty handed, and that's a good thing. Lucky for me this awesome establishment is just a short fifteen minute walk from my apartment. I geared up with some headphones and my camarita and set out for my walk. I walked straight through Golden Gate Park, stopped at my favorite spot, Shakespeare Garden (also a place I would have loved to get married at), and headed towards Clement Street. I would have taken more photos...but I was kind of in a bit of a hurry to get to the bookstore and once I was there pretty much lost track of time. 

Hopefully you pressed play before scrolling down so you could hear some of the music that I played while on my walk. I've been going back to some of my hip hop and have had this album playing on repeat for the past few days. 

Music - Artist/Onra & Quetzal - Song/In My Place - Album/Tribute


penelope & coco

I have a pair of oxfords that I wear every chance I get. They've become my go to shoe, and I love them! They look fabulous with cuffed jeans, shorts, and dresses. It's really the perfect shoe that adapts to any style. I got drawn into penelope & coco's oxford's by way of their adorable marketing video above. I'd love me one of each, but sadly they would cause me to go broke. 


this is why i love...

Depending on how well you know me, you may or may not know that Strangers with Candy is one of my favorite TV series EVER. I fell in love with Amy Sedaris as Jerri Blank and have since been obsessed with every little thing she does. Simply put, she makes life fun and has a riot making other people laugh. Look at me, talking as if I know her! She's just one of those celebrities that you know you would instantly become friends with if it wasn't for that whole celebrity thing. She's been making the rounds promoting her new book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, so I've been having a good ol' time watching her silliness on TV. So you'd understand my extreme excitement when I came across the Official Amy Sedaris YouTube Channel! I really hope she keeps it updated because the world has been missing out since the ending of Strangers with Candy. Watch and you'll know what I'm talking about. How she comes up with these ideas, I have no clue, but that's why I love her. 


movie night: voy a explotar


A few weeks ago Andres and I watched Voy a Explotar (I'm gonna Explode) and instantly knew it was going to be one of our favorite films of all time. It's great, great, great on so many levels that I wouldn't even know where to start in convincing you to go out and rent it tonight. Watch the trailer above and hopefully you'll get just as excited as we did to see it. 


lost ipod

While waiting for the N yesterday, I stood in front of the neighborhood community board and saw this sign. Something about it made me kind of sad. Maybe because a part of me thought it might have been written by a teenager who just got a new Nano ipod for xmas. Then I imagined the young David GL... kneeling down with a piece of printer paper on top of his Trapper Keeper scribbling all the necessary information needed to have his lost ipod returned. This is a sign that took some time. The coloring in of the letters is no joke. And, a reward!? I can't imagine what he's going to give in return. And, let's not forget that the ipod is engraved with his name...This little piece of paper has totally got me inspired to write a short story about our mysterious David GL...with the email of [email protected] Stay tuned!


press play: broadcast

Woke up to friends sharing the news that Trish Keenan of Broadcast had died this morning at the age of 42. I came to LOVE the group back in 1998. While every other high school teenager was listening to the top Billboard bands, my friends and I were gravitating towards this new sound. I still have yet to hear a sound like theirs. A haunting, yet beautiful soft voice with an electronic/psychedelic retro feel. Although there are a ton of songs I could have posted, I thought I'd let you press play on 'Ominous Cloud' - the song that I always go back to as being my favorite Broadcast song. I wish her well on her journey and thank her for adding such a unique and unforgettable sound to my musical library. 



to be a little girl again...



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I either want to order these for myself and put them in a cute little frame, or hurry and have a little girl so she can experience the joy of picking out a hairstyle, little shoes, and outfit for her little Mae sticker doll. I wonder how hard it would be to customize these little people, because wouldn't that make for an awesome wedding gift for a fun couple? Personalized sticker dolls of yourself and soon to be hubby? Ah, love that idea! Either way, I'm going to snatch some of these. They're just too brilliant to pass up.